Mauro Motty

Mauro Motty asked is father for a surfboard when he was fifteen. But grades at school weren’t great… So all he first got was a promise: to get a surfboard and a wetsuit if the grades improved. And they did. He studied photography at ETIC – Escola de Tecnologias Inovação e Criação and that’s what he’s been making as a career since then. He blended is passions and started as a surf photographer, meeting people from all corners of the world and photographing the best waves with the best surfers – we may say: “living the dream”. He was also a team manager for Rhythm, Vans and Brixton in Portugal. Nowadays, beside his profissional career as a photographer and duties as family man, he keeps getting involved in projects, like Fly Black Bird, where he helps Pedro with the expansion of the brand. He has an ongoing love affair with the Black Simone and glides on a Black Dream. Surf is in his blood, no matter where he is. So… You just might step in to him if go for a surf in the “Linha” [Coast line] of Cascais, were he lives with is two beautiful girls and wife.