Black Angel is inspired on Matt Kivlin’s pintail outline (1952). It’s a board to surf waves of consequence. It was designed thinking of a classic day in Supertubos in Peniche. It’s also an easy paddler and a nice glider board.


Black Burch is an homage to the young and talented shaper Ryan Burch. This board is a refined model of the traditional twin fish, combining speed with maneuverability. The outline has a clear side-cut near the tail to move the pivot a bit further.


Black Dog is a model inspired on the 70’s surfboards, particularly the Pipeliners, by classical footage of Gerry Lopez and Rory Russell. It’s a board with a curvier rocker and with the volume and wide point moved to the front.


Black Doyle is an homage to the Legendary Waterman Mike Doyle. This outline was based on a surfboard I saw under Doyle’s arm, but not sure if it’s a MD design. Anyway, its a serious board, and by the words of John Magrath, it got’s the spirit from the seventies hawaiian surfboards.


Black Dream is a twin fin pintail model. At a first glance it seems an odd concept, but the result is really refreshing: the board is loose, you can tail slide it really easily and at the same time grab some vertical faces with lots of speed.


Black Feather is an alternative to the Black Fish. The tail is narrower and the outline is more curvy, so you can get tighter curves and have more control on the speed. It’s a great pleasure when you handle the arcs.


Black Fever is a fun board. With a twin fish feel but more stability and easier rail to rail transitions, added by the diamond tail and the increase of the V in the bottom.


Black Fish is a good way to get in to an alternative sphere of surf. A very stable twin fish, that also provides easy rail to rail transitions. To draw classic long and harmonious lines.  


Black Flag is a mid length gliding surfboard. The sight of Devon Howard and Torren Martyn surfing this type of boards inspired the rush to design of this beauties. The abilities of surfers, their image on the face of a wave are a constant source of inspiration to our work.


Black Peck


Black Peterson is a tribute to Michael Peterson (1952-2012). It’s inspired by is way of surfing and the outlines of the 1970’s stubbies. Remember that cutback on Morning of the Earth?


Black Quad has an outline inspired by the boards Mark Richards rode in the 80’s. She blends speed and traction. A good board for barrels and vertical faces.


Black Ray is based on a egg outline. It’s a smooth and easy going board, that combines round manoeuvres and projection. With a quad set-up it draws tighter lines and provides security in rail to rail transitions.


Black Simbird was inspired by the mini-simmons outline developed by Joe Bauguess. The reduction of the length provided by the increase of the width and thickness of the board, makes it a truly unique experience: incredibly fast and fun.


Black Simone is a rad surfboard. Based on the Simbird model to stretch the borders of the mini-simmons concept. Adding a deep moon-tail to increase traction and speed.


Black Single is a modern/classic. It was inspired by Dave Parmenter’s single fin design portrayed in Single – Stephanie Gilmore – Studies of Movement, a book by Andrew Kidman. It sure goes with the flow.


Black Wood