John Magrath

John Magrath was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. When he was ten he received from his father his first surfboard, since he was already surfing on bodyboards, picking up “caixotes de jacaré” [hollow beach brake waves] in Leblon. After turning eighteen he entered in a process of spontaneous nomadism, hovering across Europe, South America, North Africa and several parts of Brazil, crossing multiple universes and dimensions. His contact with Yoga, as well as with surfing, has come through his path, always curious with the desire to experiment, learn, listen and transform. Two practices that he add to his family life and are today his work/sustenance. Having come in contact with Fly Black Bird during the year he lived his “Alfacinha” [“Lisbonner”] life, John became ambassador of the brand, alongside with its creator and friend, Pedro Falcão, an artist and designer. Enchanted with the boards, shapes, curves and colors, John continues to experiment and improve them, just as surfboards have been contributing to refine his surfing. He is generating photography and video content, passing feedbacks to contribute to the development of the brand in Portugal and Europe. An eternal student of literature, occasionally director of experimental surf films, member of the Academy and Curator of the Mimpi Festival, lover of the nature and the urban-cultural manifestations. A permanent surfer apprentice, a father and husband in love, he continues to work on more harmonious and fun ways to live… Were the paths are many, but the destination is still the sea. Married to an artist, a recent father, at thirty, John returned to Portugal for another adventure.