Pablo Martínez

I was born in Cadiz in 1991. I always lived in front of the beach and it was like an extension of our home. My father took me and my brother there all the time, to fish, swim… spending days on the beach was a routine. I've always had a very intimate connection with nature and sea, it’s where I feel confortable. I started to swim when I was a kid and to compete, reaching national and international competitions. I trained many hours a week, that along the school (which was never my thing) took most of my time. But I always tried to escape to surf… I started playing with waves with my brother, with a bodyboard at 13-14. I got my first surfboard at 17. In 2014 I finished my studies in physiotherapy and I am currently working with good friends in a clinic where we practice yoga and help many people with injuries. I've traveled through Europe, Morocco, Nicaragua and Maldives to surf… I am a lover of the Algarve, where I travel since I was 16 years old. After many weekend getaways with friends, and many others alone, I met Gabi, Charlote, John... great people to whom I have a lot to thank. One day… John made me try the Black Dream 1… and I fell in love!